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  1. Marvelous collection of Historic Appliances preserving in working order the Important heritage of our emergency services Too many folk take them for granted till they need them

  2. Delighted to see the Merryweather steamer in one piece again.Looking at the photographs Ian Grant has done an excellent job. I still can’t get over the speed of his turn-around, he must have pulled out all the stops for you guys.

  3. Thanks for your comments Ralf.
    Yes, the restoration job is absolutely fantastic. Ian and his team did a great job. Our web chappy is currently putting together a special feature on the steamer and will be including new pictures of the appliance both before and after the restoration job.

  4. Great to see the old Gem back people. It was a sad day when it was damaged last year but the restoration jobs looks to be just fantastic. Hope to see it and your other vehicles at the Paisley Festival later in the year. Keep up the great work you are all doing. Are you going to put some more pictures of it on the site ?

  5. I went out for a pint last night with a retired engineer who worked on the Graphex engines for Dounreay! He regretted not having any of the photo’s that were taken when they were delivered, so he’ll be delighted when I tell him about your website and that you’ve got one of the engines for safe keeping.

  6. Steve,
    Thank you for your enquiry. I have passed it on to the relvant section of the group. Good luck
    Webadmin – Strathclyde Fire & Rescue Preservation Group

  7. wow i was amazed to see my old fire engine is still around now people will believe me when i tell them about it i wonder if it still has the bell i made for it. nev

  8. Do you people never learn about the importance of preserving your firefighting heritage? The photograph of YHS 151H being used in such appalling weather conditions is yet another example of just how much importance your group places on the vehicles in your collection.
    On your ‘About Us’ section, you state that the original group was formed when working on NHS 196. This is totally wrong, the group was formed when we took delivery of YHS 151H in 1995. But dont really suppose your too interested in the truth.

  9. Remember and let the general public know that not one item of equipment belonging to Bob Wright and being held in the Linwood storage facility, has been returned to him despite the fact that he has returned numerous items to SFRPG. Hardly a fair situation. This message will also be posted on the Blog page of the Scottish Fire Heritage Group’s website, just in case this post will not make it to publication.

  10. Hi to Kenny and all my friends from strathclyde fire preservation group.My self Sandra & monty dog would like to wish all and everyone of you a happy and healthy 2011.
    We all hope to see as many as you all when we come to Greenock or at Odiham fire show.

  11. Superb site.haven’t seen a better collection of vehicles in scotland.
    Its a credit to you all. Keep up the good work.
    RN – ex brisbane fire service

  12. Mike,
    Yourself, Sandra and Monty are very welcome, it was our pleasure to help and for such a good cause.
    Can’t wait to take Monty out for another “Long Stroll”.
    Take good care of yourself as well as “The Scania” and do keep in touch. We shall look forward to your next trip up.
    Kenny and all at Strathclyde Fire & Rescue Preservation Group

  13. A big thankyou to Kenny and all at strathclyde preservation group for making myself and Sandra so very welcome.
    Also a massive thankyou to Ronnie and the team at cowcaddens you all made us so welcome.
    The trip was so good to bring my scania back home and it was worth while in aid of prostate cancer awareness.
    This was meant to be a once in a life time trip for me but im afraid your all to good to miss so watch this space i will be back with the wife and the scania.
    Thankyou all so much again emotions run high and im so proud of you all for the welcome.
    God bless you all.

  14. this fire engine was at douglas from new. My papa used to clean it every sunday. Do you have any photos of it you could send me. the appliance is the dennis reg VDS105R

  15. I must say this is such a nice preservation group and the first time i have really seen a group like this. And it was great to talk to you all at truckfest and get some info about these motors and i look forward to seeing you all next year. Thanks:)

  16. Thank you Michael.
    We are happy to report that no one was injured at the incident. Plans are already well established for the full restoration of the Steam Pump and experts from the variety of skill bases required for the job have viewed the appliance last week enabling us to draw up a plan of action which will be implemented and underway very soon.
    We all look forward to seeing the steamer back to pristine condition once again.
    Webadmin – Strathclyde Fire & Rescue Preservation Group

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