8 Man Manual Fire Pump
C836 AAS Bedford LFA
THS 825 Austin Gipsy
G538 PGE Scania G93M
GTO 10 Dennis Merryweather
OGD 142M Land Rover
K665 OSU Volvo FL6-18
R39 CJS Isuzu Midi Appliance
L984 VHS Volkswagon LT50
C317 HGB Bedford Fire Warrior
Hadley Simpkin & Lott Manual Fire Pump
VDS 105R Dennis D Series
The St Mungo Fireboat
Shand Mason Steam Fire Pump
1940 Trailer Mounted Deluge Set
SX 894 Leyland Cub
M940 RRB 1994 Dennis Rapier
N375 RRU Dennis Sabre TSD233 Series
KHS 590 Dennis F12
Shand Mason Manual Fire Pump
YHS 151H Dennis F108
Merryweather "Gem" Steam Fire Pump
D999 SSU Scania G82M
HSU 109A Land Rover Redwing
Harland Trailer Pump
SXF 159 1956 Austin A40 Countryman "GP5"
SYH 106 Bedford RL
DGD 213X Bedford Fire Witch
B383 WSK Ford Cargo 0813

Scottish Fire and Rescue Service Museum
and Heritage Centre
The Old Fire Station Dalrymple Street
PA15 1LY


Registered Scottish Charity (SC043929)